Ahkana Acoustics

Ahkana Acoustics is a creative intelligence focused on infusing sound, light, geometry and language into media that is accessible to everyone. It functions inside a collaborative model that is inclusive, non-hierarchal and based in the Universal principles of co-creation.

These creations function to catalyze change, empower the receiver, activate brain wave shifts, generate a bridge between paradigms and inspire humanity to be visionary beings.

As the primary agent of this creative life force known as Ahkana Acoustics, my commitment is to be an embodied human dancing with my infinite Self in every moment. The dance of being and becoming in a seamless spiral.

About Renee

Renee with Bowls

The Universal language of sound creates an infinite spiral; seducing me into a more expansive awareness.

I am a self-trained musician born with a deep inner connection to sound. As a child of the sixties, I memorized Beatle lyrics and sang in the privacy of my room. The hymns that I was presented with on Sundays convinced me that I was not in tune. However, I was and continued to be an amazing shower vocalist! Both my grandmother and Great Aunt were awe-inspiring singers who could harmonize with any song that they knew. However, it would literally take me decades to overcome the energy I held in my throat that throttled my true voice.

I taught myself how to play guitar at the age of 18 with the help of a college roommate. I have extremely small hands, so I decided to try out percussions and learned how to play djembe, doumbek, hand drums and my all time favorite, egg shakers. Over 2 decades, I inconsistently played with friends in various types and level of bands.

While living in New Mexico, I made hand drums and painted symbols on them. I created and played instruments made from gourds that became rattles. Moving my focus into using percussive energy to connect with the Earth and a more shamanic knowing came through me. This would be the genesis of using sound in a more indigenous sense and I taught and lead shamanic drumming circles.

I experimented with using my speaking voice to shift energy and assist my clients. I discovered that I became a vehicle of a more fluid and expansive energy as I tuned into sound as a way of transmuting energy. Facilitating both myself and others, my relationship with sound became deeper and took me beyond words. I dove in deeper and studied Tibetan bowls with a 7th generation Tibetan shaman who picked out the large set of 7 bowls and 2 tingshas that I currently play. Crystal bowls and the hang have been added along with rainsticks and other instruments.

My vocal training as a sound healer came through the amazing teacher and sound shaman, Tom Kenyon. I have also taken workshops with Matthew Kocel, Yeshoshua, "Josh" Brill and Madi Sato who leads the Santa Fe Women's Sacred Music Choir. Through chanting and singing devotional songs from many different cultures and languages, I finally broke down my prior barriers. I learned and continue to embrace to vocalizing from an embodied knowing instead of from my mind. I have also made myself available to sing in studio ensembles for a variety of unique musicians.

For six years, I have been offering sound concerts, deep sound journeys, workshops and private sound sessions. I love collaborating with other Sound healers and musicians.

I absolutely love languages and the harmonic field that sound innately creates both inside the body and in the surrounding space.